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Final Fantasy XIV’s Duties Detailed

FFXIV - Duties - Quest

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Visit Final Fantasy XIV’s new duties section on their website to learn more about Quests, FATE, dungeons, and guildhests.

Source and image: FFXIV


SWTOR’s CZ-198 Virtual Tour

SWTOR - CZ-198 - 01 SWTOR - CZ-198 - 02 SWTOR - CZ-198 - 03

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Latest SWTOR dev blog provides a virtual tour of Czerka Corporation’s product development facility, CZ-198.


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Source and images: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Blizzard SDCC 2013 Merchandise

Warcraft - SDCC - Merchandise

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Blizzard reveals exclusive San Diego Comic Con 2013 merchandise that will be up for grabs at their booth.

Transforming Zergling/Baneling Plush

Mini Sylvanas

Shadow Illidan by Funko

Udon World of Warcraft Tribute Art Book [Hardcover]

Epic Purple Lanyard

Momot Blizzard Papercraft: US Premiere

Source and image: Warcraft

Age of Wushu Martial Brothers System

Age of Wushu - Screen - Schools 1

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Age of Wushu to introduce the Martial Brothers System, a mentorship program to aid new players and reward both mentor and apprentice.

Source and image: Age of Wushu

SWTOR Game Update 2.3 live on PTS

SWTOR - Game Update 2.3

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SWTOR Game Update 2.3: Titans of Industry is live on the Public Test Server. Explore the new CZ-198 mission area and two new Czerka flashpoints.


Source and image: Star Wars: The Old Republic

LOTRO Buried Treasure Hunt

LOTRO - Buried Treasure Hunt

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June 30th is the last day for LOTRO’s Buried Treasure Hunt. Dig for mounts, emotes, housing decorations, cosmetic items and more.


Source and image: Lord of the Rings Online

TERA’s final June weekend challenge

TERA - June Challenge

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Participate in TERA’s final June weekend challenges for a chance to win a unicorn mount, special accessories, and a future 3X drop weekend.


Source and image: TERA