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EVE Online 4,000 player battler

EVE - CFC vs TEST Alliance

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New battle record set in EVE Online. After 5 hours, more than 4000 players, and nearly 3000 lost ships, the CFC defeated the TEST Alliance.


Source and image: EuroGamer


Age of Wushu launching new server

Age of Wushu - Golden Kirin launch


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Age of Wushu is launching a their new server, Golden Kirin, on August 8th. Pre-create a character starting August 2nd and get a Mount Hua Ceremony Gift Pack.


Character Pre-Creation Page


Source and image: Age of Wushu

Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade Phase 2

Warhammer - Eternal Crusaders Warhammer - Space Marine Chapers

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Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Phase 2 is launched. Visit the website to see the playable factions and the Space Marine Chapters.


Eternal Crusaders:

Space Marines

Chaos Space Marines




Space Marine Chapters:


Blood Angels

Space Wolves

Dark Angels


Source and images: Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade

Marvel Heroes Test Center Open

Marvel Heroes - Test Center - Iron Man

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Test early versions of upcoming Marvel Heroes game content in the newly opened Test Center environment. Visit the source to download the Test Client.


Source and image: Marvel Heroes

Guild Wars 2’s Ellen Kiel meets Magnus for the first time

GW2 - Ellen Kiel and Magnus

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Read the story of how Ellen Kiel first meets Magnus in Guild Wars 2. Story at source.


Source and image: Guild Wars 2

The Elder Scrolls Online Scamps

ESO - Creatures - Scamp 01 ESO - Creatures - Scamp 02 ESO - Creatures - Scamp 03

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Latest Elder Scrolls Online post takes a closer look at creating the small but malevolent Scamp in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Source and images: The Elder Scrolls Online

Defiance is $15 off for the PC edition

Defiance - Standard PC box artDefiance - Deluxe PC box art

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Defiance, the game, is having a $15 sale on their website. The standard digital PC edition of Defiance is just $9.99 and the deluxe digital PC edition is just $29.99.

Source and images: Defiance