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Star Citizen Reaches Whopping $20 Million in Crowdfunding

StarCitizen - GossII_Cassel_Landing_02StarCitizen - Fish Tank

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Congratulations to Star Citizen for reaching a whopping $20 Million in crowdfunding so far! This unlocks an in-game FPS combat feature, and everyone with a access to a Hangar so far will receive a fish tank decoration as a bonus.


$22 Million stretch goal revealed to be a Facial Capture System. Visit the source to learn more and vote for Hangar additions you’d like to see next.


Source: Star Citizen


RIFT Mayhem in Mathosia Returns for October

RIFT - Mayhem in Mathosia - October

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RIFT is bringing some new and exciting changes to the Mayhem in Mathosia event for October. There will be 4 separate phases lasting 2-3 days each for an ever-changing experience. Learn more at the source.


Source: RIFT

EVE Online: Rubicon Announced

EVE - RubiconEVE - Frigate Concept

EVE - Cruiser Concept

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EVE Online’s 20th free expansion, EVE Online: Rubicon, is set to arrive November 19th on Tranquility.


Watch the reveal video here:


Source: EVE Rubicon

An Inside Look at SWTOR’s Upcoming Game Update 2.4: The Dread War

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Star Wars: The Old Republic Producers give players an inside look at next month’s Game Update 2.4: The Dread War, 3 new PvP Warzone Arenas, and new items coming to the Cartel Market.


Source: SWTOR

Marvel Heroes – New Lady Deadpool and Black Widow Costumes

Marvel - Black Widow - Thunderbolts Costume Marvel - Lady Deadpool - Enhanced Costume

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New Marvel Heroes costumes are available for Lady Deadpool and Black Widow. Lady Deadpool gets the enhanced costume and Black Widow gets the Thunderbolts costume.


Plus a Lady Deadpool trailer!


Source: Marvel Heroes

Final Fantasy XIV Meets Final Fantasy XIII

FFXIV - FFXIII Collaboration 01 FFXIV - FFXIII Collaboration 02 FFXIV - FFXIII Collaboration 03

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Final Fantasy XIV reveals the FFXIII gear and weapons you can earn in the upcoming Lightning FATE. Check out the videos to see some awesome footage of the dual collaboration.


FFXIV Meets FFXIII video:

Final Fantasy XIII Miqo’te Garb video:


Source: FFXIV

The Elder Scrolls Online – Making the Clannfear

TESO - Clannfear 01

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The Elder Scrolls Online reveals information on the creation of the clannfear, an aggressive Daedra you’ll encounter.


Here’s a video of the clannfear in action:


Source: ESO