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Guild Wars 2 World XP System Going Account Bound

GW2 - Image

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Guild Wars 2 is changing the World XP system to make it account bound.


  • All earned World XP on an account will be put into a single pool.
  • The sum of those points will determine the world rank and World Ability Points available to each character on the account.
  • World Ability Points can be allocated differently on each character; you are not creating a single, account-based, version of your characters.

Diablo III: Book of Tyrael

D3 - Book of Tyrael - Cover D3 - Book of Tyrael - Wallpaper 02 D3 - Book of Tyrael - Wallpaper 03

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Diablo III: Book of Tyrael is now available. Get a preview of what’s inside here.

WildStar Stalker Class Reveal

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WildStar reveals the Stalker class. Learn more about this class described as a mashup of Batman, Wolverine, and Predator.

RIFT Iron Pine Peak Makeover

RIFT - Iron Pine Peak

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RIFT players will now get to experience a new Iron Pine Peak earlier in the game because it’s been changed from a 40-48 level zone to a 27-35 level zone. Storyline, quests, and look and feel receive a makeover for the re-leveling.

RuneScape Updates Coinshare, World Map, and Tutorial Zone

RS - Ashdale RS - World Map

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RuneScape updates Coinshare, the World Map, and new player tutorial. The Coinshare system gets revamped with item shards that can be sold on the Grand Exchange. The World Map gets a visual update and speed boost. And a brand new tutorial island is created called Ashdale.

Dragon’s Prophet Thanksgiving Specials

Dragon's Prophet - Ferocious Duality

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Celebrate Thanksgiving in Dragon’s Prophet this weekend with Double XP until December 2nd at 4:00PM PST. Plus, Ferocious Duality, a two-headed dragon is available for a limited time, and seasonal sale items in the Marketplace.

Neverwinter Hunter Ranger Development

Neverwinter - Hunter Ranger - Melee Neverwinter - Hunter Ranger - Ranged Neverwinter - Hunter Ranger - Skills

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Neverwinter’s new Hunter Ranger class will be able to switch between two full combat modes, Ranged and Melee, from the Tab mechanic. Get more details on the newest playable class here.