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World of Warcraft Winter Wallpaper

Warcraft - Wallpaper - Snow Fight 00 Warcraft - Wallpaper - Snow Fight 01 Warcraft - Wallpaper - Snow Fight 02

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6 new World of Warcraft winter and holiday themed wallpapers available for download.


Reduced Neverwinter Companion Prices

Neverwinter - Companion - Honey Badger

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Neverwinter is cutting companion prices across the board. First, all companions are 60% off until December 30, 2013 at 3PM PST. Plus, there’s a new bundle containing every Zen Market companion with even greater savings. Then, after the sale, all companions will receive a permanent price reductions.

Final Fantasy XIV Housing Price Adjustments

FFXIV - Free Company

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Housing prices in legacy Worlds of Final Fantasy XIV are currently up to 5 times the housing prices of non-legacy Worlds. Over the course of 6 or 8 weeks, depending on the World, price adjustments will be made to bring them in line with non-legacy Worlds. See the adjustment schedule here.

TERA – Double Killing Spree and Bellicarium XP & Credits

TERA - Killing Spree

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Until January 2, TERA is doubling the Killing Spree and Bellicarium experience and credits for participating in the following battlegrounds: Champions’ Skyring, Corsairs’ Stronghold, and Fraywind Canyon. In addition, everytime you log in, you’ll get a free firework, a different one everyday.

Final Fantasy XIV Fankit Wallpaper

FFXIV - Wallpaper 02 FFXIV - Wallpaper 03

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Brand new official Final Fantasy XIV wallpaper artwork available for download.

Neverwinter Weekly Sale December 26, 2013

Neverwinter - Weekly Sale - 2013.12.26

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Neverwinter’s sales this week with up to 50% off:


33% off the Greater Bag of Holding with 24 inventory slots,

25% off Worg Mounts,

50% off Stone of Health.

WoW Account Hackers Fined and Jailed

Warcraft - Gold Vault

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Account hackers in China have been fined and sentenced to 2 years in prison for stealing a total of 11,500 World of Warcraft accounts.